My name is Kai Kight. I’m a violinist and keynote speaker who uses music as a metaphor to inspire self-realization.

Growing up, I used to be the most traditional classical violinist. But after my mother was diagnosed with cancer and shared her regrets on life, I was inspired to start composing my own music. Since then, I’ve been asking one question: When it comes to our lives and work, are we writing new music or just playing the notes that we’ve been handed?

Over the past several years, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life: from social workers, to business executives, to NFL players of the Seattle Seahawks. Though I create art for humans not just job titles, I find great joy in customizing my work and have spoken in countries from Mexico to The Netherlands. To see some of my clients, click here.

I have a method for inspiration that will provoke thought in any audience. I start with music to wake the crowd up! Next, I share honest stories from my journey to bring new music to the world. I have one rule: I never offer an idea unless I can first articulate my own failure. I create an atmosphere where even the most esteemed leader feels compelled to examine self. I consider my work a failure if people walk away thinking about me, so I use interactive exercises to ensure that attendees can apply the metaphors directly to their own path.